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"In communicating nutrition from the farm to the fork, I welcome conversations about how food is produced."
--Charlotte Rommereim, RDN, LN, LD
Family Farmer
Meet the Farm to Fork Dietitian
Charlotte Rommereim


I'm a registered dietitian nutritionist that has spent most of my life on a farm in South Dakota. I love providing nutrition information to help people enjoy a healthy diet. In addition to how to eat a healthy diet, many are interested in how their food is produced. I can provide answers when sharing my farm to fork life experience. 

Farm to Fork Communications

I love telling the story nutritious food starting with my experiences on the farm. Through speaking, interviews and writing, I am sought after to make the connections between food and farming. My audiences have included health  professionals wanting evidence-based information and consumers wanting to make safe, nutritious food choices.


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I began cooking with my mom at a very young age. Mom patiently allowed me to cook on my own so I learned not only from my successes, but also from my failures. I love all food prep, so much in fact that I wanted to "invent" food when I grew up.  I like everything from family traditions to new tastes from around the world.  I am excited to share my passion for cooking with others including how to prepare tasty food that is good for you! Learn about my passion for agriculture and cooking---farm to fork on my blog. 


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