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Why Farm to Fork RD?

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

I grew up a "farm girl." I didn't give it a thought that it was anything special. I was earning money helping on the farm by walking the soybean fields with my brother and mom pulling or chopping the weeds by age 8. Skills like moving in the right direction to prevent the pig from getting out of the gate were part of my education.

I wasn't particularly excited by being outside, but as part of a family farm there were always times when the whole family was needed to get the job done. I was, however, excited about was baking and cooking.

My mom was a home economics teacher (today it is usually called family and consumer sciences.) She was an excellent cook and an absolute master at getting a meal on the table. She was doing the 30-minute meal well before Rachel Ray came up with the concept. Under her guidance, I was able to learn how to prepare food so that I was preparing meals alone for our family and the farm workers by age 12. My favorite thing was to open the spice cupboard, smell the different spices, and add what I thought would give me the taste I wanted for the sauce I was making.

So from the very beginning, I was outside in the fields and with the pigs and cattle sometimes with an active role and sometimes as an observer sitting on the fence waiting to bring my dad his lunch. And at the same time, I was in the house preparing meals and learning from my mother about nutrition. Farm to fork...from the start.

Until recently, I took for granted my perspective of farming. The conversations at my table, even during the holidays, have been focused on the operation of our farm. While I never have had an extremely active role on the farm, I start with a base of knowledge unlike most dietitians. I have been working as a dietitian on the "fork" side of the farm to fork story for many years.

As more conversations about food and nutrition focused on what happens on the farm, I found there are misunderstandings about farming. I need to do my part in correcting misunderstandings.

From farmers like my family, the food that nourishes us is grown and raised. I want to share my knowledge of farmers and farming so consumers are making healthy food choices with confidence.

We have a safe, nutritious food supply from farm to fork. Farmers, like my family, are working to provide safe food everyday, and dietitians, like me, are there to guide you in nutritious food choices for your best health.

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